[2.3] Caustic Arrow Tooltip Calculator

If it is Paging Up when you press Enter, use Tab instead.

Warning: I strongly suggest using base gem level as the calculator will reject value higher than 21. Otherwise, the calculator is straight forward to use. If you encounter any error or inaccuracy then leave a comment.


14 thoughts on “[2.3] Caustic Arrow Tooltip Calculator

  1. Thanks Vmoddin for this calculator, best i found so far

    I am not sure if the calculation is right, I mean, I am using currently a 5 Link with +2 to bow gems, my gems are lvl 19 and i dont use empower at the moment.
    I have concentrated effect, rapid decay, pierce, void manipulation. Using drillneck.

    Calculates currently 33k DPS without curses and frenzy charges, with frezys 40k+
    with my end gear, 6 link +3 bow, empower, it calcualte 60k+ and 80k+ DPS on frenzy charges.

    If i enter stacks of wither the DPS are reduced, when i enter 20 stacks (max.) the DPS are the same as without.

    Is thsi really DPS Damage per second of the skill duration (40k+ DPS for 5 Seconds) or divided by the duration. (40k+ in total over the 5 seconds)
    Can you please share your dmg values with caustic arrow with me, to get an idea if my calculation is correct.

    I am running a shadow trickster +2 bow,

    Chaos Damage 158
    Damage over Time 139
    Projectile Damage 46
    Damage 0
    Area Damage 50

    Thanks for your feedback


    1. Have the same issue, managed to open it in Excel online, still have the issue but downloaded it there and open it with local excel. There it works now.

      @Vmoddin: can you fix this or give us the option to directly download it here. It cost me one hour to solve it


  2. What about rapid decay vs a lower level empower? I was trying to work out the tipping point when empower becomes better.


  3. Using the Pierce Support Gem and Drillneck do i add up the pierce chance from passive tree, the pierce chance from drillneck and the gem?


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